Locating WWII Oral Histories

A collection of some oral history resources for WWII. This list is by no means the end of what is available online or in library, archive, and museum collections. Please search offline sources to locate more histories and stories.

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Cimarron City Library Oral Histories

George A. Smathers Libraries Oral Histories

Library of Congress Veterans Oral History Project

National World War II Museum Oral Histories

North Carolina Veterans Oral History Collection

Ohio Memory Oral Histories

Oral Histories of WWII at the University of Illinois

Pritzker Military Museum & Library Holt Oral History Program (not all WWII)

Rutgers Oral History Archives

Stalag Luft 1 Archive

Veterans Oral History Project at the University of Tennessee

VOCES Oral History Project at the University of Texas Austin

Witness to War

World War II Veterans of Mount Horeb at the University of Wisconsin Madison

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