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While holding space and providing a safe, sacred environment, I will explore topics related to Ancestral Lineage Healing which include: grief, loss, trauma, family secrets, family patterns, family parallels, caregiving, spirituality and religion, PTSD, racism, LGBTQI, genealogical topics, inherited trauma, and the effects of the war on families in addition to the veteran.

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"Incredible! Whether your looking for the smallest of detail, the answer to a question, or the entire story…Mrs. Holik is the researcher, the expert to work with. I was amazed as to the details, the actual written records, and pictures that she was able to find surrounding my father’s time overseas during WWII…so very much information/detail, even though I wasn’t able to give her much to go on, just my father’s name and that he was in the Army. Another unexpected, but very special characteristic of Mrs. Holik’s work was her sensitivity, her compassion, her love for the work she’s doing, and for the actual individuals (both alive and having passed) she was working on and for. She conveyed her sincere interest and care every time, whether on the phone, or in her written communications with me. Her work is very special, the product that she produces is very special, and she is one very special person. "

2199th QM Truck Company
Rich W.

"I gave the report you made for my grandfather, Robert Dickson, and his WWII service to my Dad this week. He absolutely loved it. He was blown away by the level of detail that you had. Your approach of using the daily reports gives such a fine-grained perspective on what was going on. Then adding the unit histories to give the broader context was really helpful. It was really special to be able to share this with him. He kept saying how much his dad would have loved to have seen it. I also showed it to a friend and he was excited by it, too. He may be contacting you to help research his father, now. Thanks so much for putting so much care into your projects! "

H Co 108th Infantry Regiment 40th Infantry Division
Scott D.

"Well my Dad really didn’t talk about the war. He had 3 framed pages of missions on the wall and that’s about it. We just knew that he had asked for a military funeral, but no one knew the extent of his service. Dad was 95 and had Alzheimer’s so it was way too late to ask. As Jennifer worked, the material started to come in. I remember staring at the first Daily Operations Report. There it was, that handwriting, the number “8”. It was his. Dad never wrote a diary, but he could easily spread a math equation over 2 sheets of graph paper. There I sat paralyzed with emotion as the reality of my Dad’s service sunk in. He was 95 and had come down with pneumonia so I had asked Jennifer to write a brief summary of his service before she left on an extended trip. Dad passed about a week after the summary was completed. The summary that Jennifer wrote bore witness to Dad’s history which would have easily been lost. As Taps was played for him, we all knew the depth of his service and patriotism. I’m still going through the research, a new revelation every time I sit down to read it. It has all revealed a different level of my Dad’s character that I didn’t think I could respect more, but apparently I can. Thank you Jennifer. "

Research & Eulogy
Ted S.


Our articles provide research suggestions and how-to's along with some of the bigger issues to consider related to war and family.


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