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ancestral souls dna family history genealogy inherited trauma research a veteran wwi wwii Mar 22, 2020

A lot has changed since I flew home unexpectedly and quickly from Europe 13 March 2020. The entire world has been turned upside down and we have all had to, if we chose to , look at ourselves and what we are here to do. There are many layers to the upgrade happening on the planet and this virus is just one layer. The others will horrify and shock you for the most part. Though some will open your heart.

As part of my journey the last two months, I’ve done a lot of inner work and upgrading of my business services and offerings. Some things are leaving and others are moving in.

To build community and help people connect and learn, I started two weekly Zoom meetings for members of my Facebook groups. In these we talk about appropriate topics, do some education and have a lot of discussion. If you are interested in joining a new community, check the groups out today. Zooms are for members only.

Military Research Education

This group, Military Research Education, has a weekly Zoom focuses on military records primarily from World War I – Vietnam. Though we have delved into prior wars. We also discuss topics related to research of genealogy and ancestral healing.

Genealogy Ancestral Lineage Healing

This group, Genealogy Ancestral Lineage Healing, focuses on personal growth, energy healing, ancestral healing, diving into deep topics you can’t anywhere else in the genealogy or military group world, and we share a lot of opportunities for learning around the world.

I also run a new website, Ancestral Souls which supports this group. Coming soon – a Membership Healing Circle for those ready to commit to the deeper work of genealogy, military research, and personal and ancestral healing. This is they way the world is shifting and I invite you to join us and start or continue your journey.

Are you ready to learn the bigger picture of your family member’s military service? Email us at [email protected] to discuss project options, fees, and time. You can also sign-up for our free newsletter!

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