Self-Paced Course: Finding the Answers in the IDPF

The Individual Deceased Personnel File (IDPF) is one of the most important files researchers can obtain for World War II service members who died or are still considered Missing In Action (MIA.) The details contained in these files are more than date of death, cause of death, and locations of burials. We learn about the service history, medical history, family stories and grief, decisions which had to be made by family members, family drama, the inability to recover remains, and sometimes connect with other researchers who have requested the file in the past.

This course runs for 10 weeks. You will explore seven extensive modules, which include 27 downloads, case studies, and worksheets.

Week 1: Course Introduction and Week 1 American Graves Registration Service

Week 2: Week 2 Locating and Identifying the Dead

Week 3: Continuation of Week 2

Week 4: Week 3 Understanding the IDPF Contents

Week 5: Continuation of Week 3

Week 6: Continuation of Week 3

Week 7: Week 4 Temporary Burial

Week 8: Week 5 Moving Deeper into the IDPF with case studies

Week 9: Continuation of Week 5

Week 10: Week 6 Course Wrap-Up

Educational Benefits for Students

In this 10 week course students will be exposed to the IDPF (Individual Deceased Personnel File) and the grittier aspects of war. There will be graphic images, and content, and emotional and personal letters from family members who want to know more about their soldier who died in action.

Jennifer Holik will go into great detail with some analysis of the cases and will find a guided connection to some of the dead. It is with great care and respect that the service and our staff work with the records of those Soldier Dead. This course is great for the mature 9th-12th grader who is interested in WWII and who will enjoy reading the personal stories of the Servicemen lost in action.

This course would suit to fulfill requirements for a High School History Course. The course releases new content each week. After 10 weeks the course will be available to use at your leisure.

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