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Finding the Answers through WWII Writing

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Jennifer, thank you for offering this WWII writing course. Until now, I have been reading my father's unit's morning reports and unit histories, and methodically writing down details and putting together a timeline. Your course has opened my eyes to more than just the words on the page. I can see my father in the reports. I was a typical daddy's girl, so needless to say, I loved my father dearly. I thought I knew everything about him. Now I am beginning to understand more about my father, the person, and how the war impacted him and our family. I never thought about it until I started internalizing your questions and revisiting his life and mine. My father died before I started my family genealogy 20 years ago. In the beginning, I just wanted a picture of him in his uniform; no luck with that. That led me to look at his DD214 again, and to start searching his military history. I watched your Roots Tech presentation as it live-streamed and something told me to contact you. This course is a blessing to me. I'm learning so much through your guidance. My story is developing. Thanks again, Marie


Finding the Answers Through WWII Writing: Wonderful course! Explores many angles of writing not usually found in most courses. Looking at different perspectives of people involved in the stories and sharing what impact it has on us. Really thought-provoking!

Lisa Alzo

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