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Ebook Writing the Stories of War

Ebook $20.00

While this book is WWII foundationally based, the writing prompts apply to any 20th century war.

The tools include:

  1. Reasons to write the stories of war.
  2. Tips to help you organize your thoughts and sources before you write.
  3. Writing formulas to help you organize your stories.
  4. More than 500 writing prompts covering multiple themes for writers in the U.S. and overseas.
  5. Suggestions on how to share your stories on memorial websites and through books.
  6. Additional resources for writing the stories of war.

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Finding the Answers: Military Service in Context

The next step after creating a timeline of military service and understanding through military records, what units your service member was in and where they were, is obtaining contextual documents.

Providing context through records, maps, diaries, and photographs will bring to life the story of your family member and help you better understand who they were.

While this program is WWII-based, all strategies and record locations apply to WWI - Vietnam.

This 1.5 hour webinar will focus on obtaining unit-level records and other resources to put your service member's story in context.

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