Ebook: Writing the Stories of War

Stories can save us.

Stories have the power to heal.

Stories help us preserve the past and provide hope that history will not repeat itself.

For some cultures, storytelling is the primary method for transmitting a family or group’s collective history. For others, writing the stories to share with family or the world, is the method. When we write, we must ask ourselves, what writing really matters?

Consider the words you write as your legacy. Find ways to share your writing to document your life, to remember those who are no longer here, and to honor those who survived a time when the world was collapsing in chaos.

All the tools researchers need to start writing the stories of World War I, World War II, Korea, or Vietnam, from a U.S. perspective or overseas theater of war perspective, to honor those who lived in those chaotic years, are included in this volume.

While this book is WWII foundationally based, the writing prompts apply to any 20th century war.

The tools include:

  1. Reasons to write the stories of war.
  2. Tips to help you organize your thoughts and sources before you write.
  3. Writing formulas to help you organize your stories.
  4. More than 500 writing prompts covering multiple themes for writers in the U.S. and overseas.
  5. Suggestions on how to share your stories on memorial websites and through books.
  6. Additional resources for writing the stories of war.

This is the most important reference guide researchers need to begin writing the stories of World War II.