Finding the Answers Course Bundle

Start your World War II online education through our three course bundle!

Finding the Answers: Starting WWII Research

Are you ready to take a journey through your memory, photographs, documents, stories, and more. What will you uncover as you travel through time and start researching your service member? Learn how to get started and locate the information you need.

Finding the Answers: Research WWII Online

There is a common misconception that all military records exist online. While many records are digitized and placed on line each day, the fact is, most of the records required are in paper format in repositories and archives. Requiring records that exist only on paper may leave you wondering, what can I find online? Are you ready to dive in and learn what is available and how to move your research forward?

Finding the Answers Through WWII Writing

Take a walk with me for five weeks to discuss:

Why We Write




Legacy & Closure

Are you ready to start this journey to explore your family & military stories?

Are you ready to start your journey into World War II Education?


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