Finding the Answers: WWII Research Online

Finding the Answers. This is what each person who starts WWII research hopes to accomplish. We often begin with many questions, to which answers are often elusive. The most logical place to search for answers to our World War II questions is online.

There is a common misconception that all military records exist online. While many records are digitized and placed on line each day, the fact is, most of the records required are in paper format in repositories and archives. Requiring records that exist only on paper may leave you wondering, what can I find online? How can I find information easily?

This course, in six modules, which drip every 7 days, with numerous handouts, introduces you to:

  • Reasons to research WWII service online.
    • What records may be available online.
    • Techniques to make searching easier.
  • Strategies to help you search the 'Go-To' websites for research.
  • A look at library and newspaper websites.
  • Explore military museums, research libraries, and social media sites.
  • An introduction to European research experts and grave adopters.
  • Information on how Americans can work with European researchers to preserve more stories.
  • Where to go to learn more.

Are you ready to Find the Answers about your family’s military service online?

Educational Benefits

Are you a detective and want to learn more? This course is great for the High School Student who wants to do WWII research (or any war) or the mature 4th thru 8th grader. If you have a passion for research but don’t know where to go? This course is for you!

In this course, your student will learn how to find records of servicemen online. In week 1 your student will be exposed to how to find military documents online. What is available and what is not? Your student will learn the tips and tricks to find essential information about your service member as they go through the course, download the valuable guides, and process the information they discover.

Your student will be given examples of actual servicemen, whose records you can search. It will provide a jumping off point to discover your own service member’s timeline of service. In week 2, your student will begin to learn about a variety of websites and how to utilize each one. You will be able to begin to put your research skills to work!

In week 3, your student will learn more about Library archives and Newspaper databases. It will open up new avenues to search. Week 4 will take your student to Military Museums and archives, online databases and social media where your student can unearth even more data about their servicemen. Week 5 begins with learning about Grave Adoption and how other countries value the gift of freedom and the sacrifice our servicemen made. Your student will continue to learn about other avenues of research.

In week 6 it all gets wrapped up for you and you find out where to go to learn more. This course is perfect for the student who wants to find out more! So, put on your research hat and start this awesome course! (once the course had downloaded fully after the 6 weeks, your student will continue to have full access to the course).