Finishing the Story Webinar

This webinar was recorded 12 January 2019.


Tracing the life of a World War I or II soldier can be challenging. Researchers have been conditioned to believe “All the Records Burned!” Some did, but an abundance of other resources exist to reconstruct service history. Many researchers are unaware of the numerous military records and resources available.

In this program, explore the lives, service, and deaths of Michael Kokoska, Frank Winkler, and Robert Brouk. Genealogical, historical, and military records will be shown and discussed. Jennifer will demonstrate how to write the stories of your soldier through a brief reading from her books Stories of the Lost and The Tiger’s Widow.

In this engaging and informative presentation, Jennifer shares:

A trip through time, exploring the lives of three men.

  • Moving stories about each man’s life and death.
  • Numerous resources search for military records to reconstruct service history.
  • Tips on weaving military, genealogical, and historical records together.
  • Examples of how a military story can be written.