Starting WWII Research Webinar

Learn the basics of WWI, WWII, Korea, and Vietnam research through research examples and stories. This is the first webinar in a series about military research.

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Webinar Description

World War II research is surrounded by stories and myths which often give people the perception they cannot obtain any information about military service. Have you heard nothing exists for women and African Americans? Did you know you probably have clues in your home that you weren't aware existed?

Have you heard, ‘All the records burned!’ Have you read on a website that you must be the next-of-kin to receive information? Do you think sending in one form to request records gives you everything available? Do you know there are additional records at NPRC, that staff will not search for you, that are required for Army and Army Air Forces research? Do you think starting your search in unit records will provide all the answers?

I will answer these questions and more.

Webinar Replay

In this hour and 15 minute-long webinar you will learn everything you need to know to locate and document as much information as possible before you start requesting military records.

Everything you learn also applies to WWI, Korea, and Vietnam war research. Using WWII as a foundation, we will bust myths, tell stories that explain what is available and how you can get started on your own at home.


The webinar handout includes bonus worksheets to help you get started in locating information both online and offline!

Combined with the writing prompt worksheets, there are 20 pages of worksheets total provided in this webinar.

Writing Prompts

Your handout includes writing prompts to use as discussion questions at your holiday family gatherings.

Meet Your Facilitator

Watch a short video about Jennifer’s work and mission.

Jennifer Holik, a woman on a mission to help people Find the Answers to their family and military histories. At the same time, she strives to heal the past, present, and future for herself, her family, her clients, and the world. For over a decade Jennifer has studied every branch of the military and its records for WWII. She is the original authority on how to do the research and the first to create the educational materials to teach others the strategies. Her business has helped people find answers and closure through genealogical and military research, education, and writing.


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