Roots and War: Book Writers Group

An exclusive book writing group limited to 5 people.

Roots and War Writers Group will help participants take their stories to a deeper level by exploring topics beyond the basics of genealogy or military history.

"The WWII Roots & War Writing Group is helping me to start turning research and recollections into concrete, written form. Reading the work of fellow writers is fascinating in itself and is also prompting new insights about my project. The constructive feedback is leading me to consider directions I had not thought of before. Another valuable benefit of the group's format is strengthening the conviction that our writing matters -- whether we are writing for personal understanding, to preserve a legacy for our families, or for a wider audience. The "office hours" offer additional opportunities to ask questions or explore related topics, such as publishing one's work. "

Janet Barnhart

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Are you ready to change your life through writing?

While holding space and providing a safe, sacred environment, I encourage, through writing and discussion, the exploration of grief, loss, trauma, family secrets, genealogical topics, inherited trauma, effects of the war on families in addition to the veteran, caregiving, spirituality and religion, PTSD, racism, LGBTQI, and any other topic that appears through the course of your writing and participation in this group. This writing group encourages you to go deeper than the basic facts. To dig deep into the emotions and ramifications of personal and family choices.

Throughout your participation in this writing group, you may also become aware of how your personal story and life changes. Everything is connected and there are many parallels beneath the surface facts we tend to gather about our families. Participation in this writing group is likely to change your life in large and small ways.

How This Works

Learn what is included in the writing group and what is required.

30 Minute Consult

You get one 30-minute Zoom consult to discuss with Jennifer your writing plans for the group. Not sure where to start? Need resources? We can discuss this in your consult. Must be scheduled between registration and 5 January 2020.

Monthly Live Facilitation

The group meets once a month, the 2nd Thursday at 7:00 p.m. CST/CDT via Zoom to provide feedback to members about their writing projects. Replays are available for group members.


Office Hours

The first Monday of each month at 11:00 a.m. CST/CDT Jennifer offers a live Zoom Office Hours session. Drop in to ask questions about research, writing, resources, and more. Replays are available for group members.



Each participant agrees to participate a minimum of six months which allows members to create trust and support each other more deeply. Email addresses will be exchanged for group members to allow sharing of drafts and comments.



As needed, I will provide worksheets, announcements about webinars, classes, books, articles, and other resources to help writers work through the topics about which they are writing.

Meet Your Facilitator

Watch a short video about Jennifer’s work and mission.

Jennifer Holik, a woman on a mission to help people Find the Answers to their family and military histories. At the same time, she strives to heal the past, present, and future for herself, her family, her clients, and the world. For over a decade Jennifer has studied every branch of the military and its records for WWII. She is the original authority on how to do the research and the first to create the educational materials to teach others the strategies. Her business has helped people find answers and closure through genealogical and military research, education, and writing.

"I appreciate the office hour time. In my working life I looked forward to weekly team meetings to discuss issues, ideas, what each team member is working on, round table discussions and how we can help each other. This monthly meeting is like that. It helps to build trust among the team or participating members. By having a dedicated time I can jot down questions or ideas in preparation for the next office hour meeting. "

Testimonial on Value of Office Hours
Jacqueline Henderson

"I found the office hours very helpful. I got two very good ideas from the guest expert, Liv Lowe, when she showed us one of her awesome books. I am going to incorporate two of her design ideas into my book. The discussion our group had about references was very helpful also. I had been wavering on what to do. I now have a plan. I like the monthly set office hour time. I had it on my calendar and that seemed to serve my purposes. "

Testimonial on Value of Office Hours
Phil Rosenkrantz

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