Are you interested in learning how to research 20th century military service for any military branch or read stories of war? Perhaps learn how to do genealogical research? You will find the books you need here.

The records, tools, and strategies you learn for our WWII focused books apply to WWI, Korea and Vietnam also.

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Finding the Answers - Kindle Quick Guides

Finding the Answers: Starting WWII Research

Finding the Answers in the Individual Deceased Personnel File (IDPF)

Finding the Answers: Discovering World War II Service Online

Finding the Answers: Researching Women in World War II

Finding the Answers: Researching Army Service in World War II Part 1 

Finding the Answers: Researching World War II Army Service Part 2

Finding the Answers Through WWII Writing

Stories from the World War II Battlefield Series

Volume 1: Reconstructing Army, Air Corps, and National Guard Service

Volume 2: Navigating Service Records for the Navy, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, and Merchant Marines

Volume 3: Writing the Stories of War

WWII Writing Prompts

Faces of War: Researching Your Adopted Soldier (Written for European audiences)

Stories of the Lost

The Tiger's Widow

Branching Out Genealogy Education Lesson Series

Branching Out: Genealogy For Adults

Branching Out: Genealogy For High School Students

Branching Out: Genealogy For 4th - 8th Grade Students

Branching Out: Genealogy For 1st - 3rd Grade Students

Engaging the Next Generation: A Guide for Genealogy Societies and Libraries

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