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Jennifer speaks live throughout the year in various locations. This page documents here full schedule - live and online.

Saturday, April 13, 2019 at the Glenview Library (Illinois)

Finding the Answers: World War II Online

One place many people begin research for their World War II service member is online. While most of the records you need to reconstruct service history are not available online, you can find clues and unit or contextual information to add to your soldier’s story. Many people also connect with living family members of soldiers buried in ABMC cemeteries through online resources.

In this program, Jennifer will:

  • Explain some myths and common questions about online research.
  • Explain how to research using the collections on and
  • Discuss other places you can find information online and how that can lead to offline resources.
  • Explain where and how to connect with other researchers or European grave adopters.
  • Discuss using social media to locate information.

The tips you learn in this program will help you with any digitized record set.

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