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One place many people begin research for their World War II service member is online. While most of the records you need to reconstruct service history are not available online, you can find clues and unit or contextual information to add to your soldier’s story. Tools and strategies taught in this course will apply to WWI, WWII, Korea, and Vietnam military research.

In this program, Jennifer will:

  • Explain some myths and common questions about online research.
  • Explain how to research using the collections on Ancestry.com and Fold3.com.
  • Discuss other places you can find information online and how that can lead to offline resources.
  • Explain where and how to connect with other researchers or European grave adopters.
  • Discuss using social media to locate information.

The tips you learn in this program will help you with any digitized record set.

Webinar $30.00. There are no refunds on this product. You have access for one year.

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Finding the Answers: Exploring Individual Military Service

World War II research is surrounded by stories and myths which often give people the perception they cannot obtain any information about military service.

• Have you heard, ‘All the records burned!’

• Have you read on a website that you must be the next-of-kin to receive information?

• Do you think sending in one form to request records gives you everything available?

• Do you know there are additional records at NPRC, that staff will not search for you, that are required for Army and Army Air Forces research?

• Do you think starting your search in unit records will provide all the answers?

In this introductory course, you will learn everything you need to know to locate and document as much information as possible before you start requesting military records. This is especially important if your service member was in the Army or the Army Air Forces. Using WWII as a foundation, we will bust myths, tell stories that explain what is available and how you can get started on your own at home.

Worksheets are provided to guide your research project.

You have access to this product for one year. There are no refunds.