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One place many people begin research for their World War II service member is online. While most of the records you need to reconstruct service history are not available online, you can find clues and unit or contextual information to add to your soldier’s story. Tools and strategies taught in this course will apply to WWI, WWII, Korea, and Vietnam military research.

In this program, Jennifer will:

  • Explain some myths and common questions about online research.
  • Explain how to research using the collections on Ancestry.com and Fold3.com.
  • Discuss other places you can find information online and how that can lead to offline resources.
  • Explain where and how to connect with other researchers or European grave adopters.
  • Discuss using social media to locate information.

The tips you learn in this program will help you with any digitized record set.

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Ebook: Finding the Answers in the IDPF

Finding the Answers. This is what each person who starts WWII research hopes to accomplish. We often begin with many questions, to which answers are often elusive. This is often the case when those questions concern those who died in the war or are still considered Missing In Action (MIA). Who do we ask about our family member’s service, especially when most of our WWII-era family members are gone? What records exist to help find the answers? The Individual Deceased Personnel File (IDPF) is the most important file you need to help you find the answers to your questions regarding those who died in service. The IDPF documents the death, and temporary and final burial details, of WWII service members from all military branches.

This quick guide introduces you:

• What the IDPF is and is not.

• To the questions about military service and death you may be able to answer through the pages of this file.

• The history of the men who created the records.

• Information on obtaining the file and other records.

• Where to go to learn more.

Are you ready to Find the Answers about your family’s war dead?

There are no refunds for this product.