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Online Course: Finding the Answers through WWII Writing

Would you like to start writing your stories today with more help?

Stories have the power to transform us. Throughout our lives, the stories we have heard may shape our identity. They may shape the perspective we have on life, the past, present, and future, ourselves, and those we love. Stories may raise questions about the war, family secrets, those who were lost, and things we discover through our research.

Take a walk with me for five weeks, through a WWII family story. Each week you will receive access to a new module to help you explore your family & military stories. The target of this course is help you put a story on paper and view it from multiple perspectives to see how you, your family, and the story have grown, found answers, peace, and closure. Finally, you will have the opportunity to witness the changes in one of my stories as I vulnerably talk about moments in my life. 

Take a walk with me for five weeks to discuss:

Why We Write




Legacy & Closure

Are you ready to start this journey to explore your family & military stories?

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Ebook: Researching Women in Military Service

Finding the Answers. Are you seeking answers to questions about your family’s female World War I, World War II, Korea or Vietnam service member or civilian worker?

Women played crucial roles during these wars. Men felt an obligation to join the military and rushed to enlist. Enlistment and later the draft, required men to vacate jobs on the home front. As a result, women were recruited and trained to take over jobs left by men. The military also began programs for women to volunteer to aid the war effort, or in some cases, join the military as enlisted personnel and officers.

This quick guide introduces you to:

  • A brief history of the shift of roles women played at home and in service.
  • Histories of the components of each military branch in which women served.
  • Histories of the civilian organizations in which women served
  • Tips for locating information to begin a search for records with checklists.

Are you ready to start searching for information on your female service member?

There are no refunds for this product.