Important News on How We Provide WWII Education

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Evaluating our business over the last decade, especially the last six years in which we have provided a tremendous amount of WWI and WWII educational materials, we have decided to change how and where we provide education for military research. Our focus has also shifted in how we help clients with research, processing what is discovered, and writing. While we still provide the highest quality military research available, your options for education now change. What does this mean for you?

WWII Research & Writing Center Website

On this website, the Educational Articles and Videos will remain. We will continue to add articles that help you dig deep into your family and military history. All of our research books will remain and we will continue to update them as records access changes.

Other resources have been moved or removed permanently.

WWII Education Website

This is our online course and webinar website. There are several online military research classes available. Several recorded webinars are available for purchase and we are constantly holding live webinars, for which you can register.

This website also has a blog which we will be expanding to add more educational materials, information, and resources.

We currently have plans to include a membership area where paid subscribers can access articles, files, resources, webinars, and virtual conferences.

Please make sure you opt-in for our marketing emails which are only occasionally sent so you know about special discounts for our programs.

WWII Research & Writing Center Facebook Page

Our Facebook Page will also be changing and we will no longer be providing a lot of military related articles we find. Articles that have a lot of value will be shared either through blog posts or the FB Group. We will be focusing more on what our business provides, upcoming live and online speaking engagements, travel information, and other things.

WWII Education Facebook Group

Our WWII Education Facebook Group is a closed group. This means you must request membership and questions must be answered when you apply. We check all profiles and do not admit anyone who appears to have a fake profile. In our group we share research files, research problems and solutions, have Facebook Lives from time to time, ask deeper questions and discuss issues related to all 20th century wars. Our group is international which provides many different points of view and experiences with research and writing.

WWII Education Newsletter Subscription

Join our newsletter list and receive the 5 Steps to Starting WWII Research free and stay up to date on research information and resources, programs, and more!

Finding the Answers Journey Website

Last year we launched our Finding the Answers Journey website and Facebook Page.

Finding the Answers Journey allows us to go deeper into the family history, military history, and discovery of self as we explore all these areas. Military or family history research does not come without impact on the researcher or the family when the information is disseminated. Many of our clients experience life changing events through the research journey when we explain what is discovered and what really happened. Many clients begin to question who their veteran was, and even who they are, now that they know this information. Through this side of our business, we plan to offer facilitation, coaching, writing help, live and online programs and workshops focusing on moving deeper into the history.

We also offer resources, workshops, books, and more on energetically creating your life. These are mostly in development, but we have started offering caregiver resources in the form of a Caregiver Journal and free workshop available in our Store. We have a free member's area which provides some writing resources along with videos on creating your life and making new choices. All of this will be expanded this year.

Finding the Answers Journey Newsletter

You also have the option to join our Finding the Answers Journey newsletter, which we send out about once a month with information on writing, asking deeper questions, caregiving, and other resources to help you tell your stories.

Everything changes........

Our business has transformed multiple times over the last decade and will continue to do so. We believe it is critical that we help clients and the world question what is "known" and go deeper into ourselves, family and military history, to better understand the past. When we do this, and question everything, we can create a different reality and life, and perhaps......stop repeating the destructive past.

We would love to help you research your family's military history for WWI, WWII, Korea, or Vietnam or help you write your stories. Please contact us to schedule your free phone consultation to discuss options.

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