I’m Jennifer, a genealogical and military researcher, writer, and teacher. I'm also a spiritual coach and an intuitive healer specializing in inherited & war trauma, & personal & ancestral healing.

With over 25 years genealogy & military research & writing experience, I help people learn how to research their family military histories. I also help people identify & release the beliefs, behaviors, & patterns in their lives & the lives of their ancestors that keep them stuck.  Using a variety of tools, including writing, energy healing, research, & more, I help you release the past & create the life you desire.

I am excited to help you heal yourself & your ancestors.

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Some of these links will take you to my main military research site, The WWII Research & Writing Center, where you will discover almost seven years of articles, videos, downloadable files, and more.

Hire me to Research a Veteran.

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Visit the WWII Research & Writing Center to read all the articles on 20th century military research. These articles date back to 2015 and you will discover a lot of tips, videos, records, and more to help you further your research and writing projects.

Military Research & Writing Webinars.

Explore our best webinars to help you research online and offline, learn the correct way to conduct research through two webinars that teach the strategies, and more!

Books to move your research projects forward.

Explore all 20+ of Jennifer's books on genealogy curriculum, military research stories, military research strategy books, and writing books. Available in Paperback and Kindle.

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